22.08.2010 10:59 - smokeping
: lz5pn :   
: 202972 : 146 :

: 26.05.2016 10:22

Monitoring Network Latency With Smokeping (Ubuntu 9.04)


Ubuntu 9.04. www.example.com . . Apache2 Apache vhost . vhost, , , smokeping.cgi /usr/lib/cgi-bin/smokeping.cgi .

root , , root:

sudo su

2 Smokeping

Smokeping , :

aptitude install smokeping curl libauthen-radius-perl libnet-ldap-perl libnet-dns-perl libio-socket-ssl-perl libnet-telnet-perl libsocket6-perl libio-socket-inet6-perl apache2

3 Smokeping

Smokeping /etc/smokeping/config. /etc/smokeping/config.d .
/etc/smokeping/config.d/General. URL Smokeping. :

*** General ***

@include /etc/smokeping/config.d/pathnames

# Please edit this to suit your installation

owner = Falko Timme

contact = me@example.com

cgiurl = http://www.example.com/cgi-bin/smokeping.cgi

mailhost = smtp.example.com

# specify this to get syslog logging

syslogfacility = local0

# each probe is now run in its own process

# disable this to revert to the old behaviour

# concurrentprobes = no

( , mailhost MX !)

/etc/smokeping/config.d/Alerts to from , Smokeping:

*** Alerts ***

to = me@example.com from = smokealert@example.com [...]

/etc/smokeping/config.d/Targets. :


remark = Welcome to the SmokePing website of "Example Company" [...]



(. , , ). , www.heise.de (), bbc.co.uk (UK), web.mit.edu (). , DOS!

/etc/smokeping/config.d/Targets .
, :


+ Local menu = Local title = Local Network ++ LocalMachine menu = Local Machine title = This host host = localhost



+ World menu = World title = World ++ Europe menu = Europe title =European Connectivity +++ Germany menu = Germany title = German Connectivity alerts = bigloss,someloss,startloss ++++ Heise menu = Heise title = Heise host = www.heise.de +++ UK menu = United Kingdom title = United Kingdom ++++ BBC menu = BBC title = BBC host = bbc.co.uk ++ USA menu = North America title =North American Connectivity +++ MIT menu = MIT title = Massachusetts Institute of Technology Webserver host = web.mit.edu Smokeping: /etc/init.d/smokeping restart Smokeping ( /usr/bin/fping) - .





a2enmod cgi

cp /etc/smokeping/apache2.conf /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/smokeping.conf

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart


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Due to dynamics of an these kinds of eye-port, window treatments need special care. Whenever they keep an eye out in a quiet region(they usually do not), then your mother nature associated with remedy essential is reasonably easy and merely has to fit the fashion along with decorations of the indoor from the room. However, if it appears away in to the general public, then this treatment method needs to be much more thoughtful. Some ideas for the treating these kinds of glass windows include fresh window curtains, window valances, window shades and also window treatments. The therapy needs to be both practical along with cosmetic as it's open to community look at.

The usage of the area developed by your these kinds of window also requires several imagination. Nevertheless there is enough mild, a single thought should be to preserve a number of indoor plant with regard to effect. A number of with capacity of design, the chairs in conformity for the design of another furniture inside the room is another selection. Do i think the the addition of add-ons as being a big flower vase somewhere with the window or a pair of scaled-down ones on both part in the screen will improve the attractiveness of the area along with the windowpane.

There's two variants with the standard bay screen, the actual "box" and also the "circle" these kinds of home windows. Since the titles suggest, the therapy lamp fresh eye-port can be the same shape as a field, the inside house windows being vertical with respect on the outdoor wall space as well as the eliptical these kinds of can be semi-circular healthy. The box bay produces more room than the other a pair of.

Oriel Glass windows: These are much like these types of glass windows because that they project in the surfaces however are polygonal healthy and never lengthen to the ground and they are for that reason based in the top tales of a building. That they was initially a variation of a porch and so are typically seen in properties built-in the Gothic Resurgence design or even the Full Anne kind of architecture. They are now turning out to be typical within contemporary design and style. When compared to more prevalent these kinds of windows with the standard, the box and the round variety they permit much more gentle plus more significantly better ventilation due to the larger surface exposed to the outside.

Usually based on "corbels", a having gemstone piece that is certainly ornamentally designed within stone houses, they could be sustained by metallic or perhaps solid wood mounting brackets. Due to the fact oriels show up in properties with the sophisticated design, these types of helping brackets can be fairly pretty. This type of eye-port is additionally common in the centre Eastern exactly where they're known as "mashrabiyas" and are typically for the ease of girls folks that can look out from these glass windows without being seen and provides them a feeling of independence. They're able to even be noticed in Of india.

Casement Windows: These were the most common kind of home windows which are available prior to launch of the sash home windows. Casement windows wide open such as doors, moving in or out and about as being a door. As opposed to the door, your casement [url=http://propagator.biz]family life[/url] screen can be exposed using a new crank (as well as some alternative) rather than by the knob or a deal with. The actual casement screen sometimes pivots to the right or to your still left. One of the down sides of your casement screen is always that you will find the chance of young children to fall out acquire the best away. Another downside is because will be more exposed to the weather -- rainfall, sunlight, snow, sleet plus much more with respect to the position your geographical area and they are planning to find endured faster.

An alternative from the casement eye-port in which either rotates(golf swings) to the left or to the best may be the one which ups and downs up-wards, my spouse and i.at the., top-hung. These are known as "awning windows" and so are normally rectangular, bigger compared to extended.

Matched Home windows: They're 2 house windows put next to the other person using a assist together known as a "mullion" which is nothing but any vertical shape providing you with a new splitting up relating to the 2 wine glass glass. Typically matched house windows belong to the mid-foot or will have curved surfaces. They are far better inside significant areas because they can be relatively larger.

Palladian Windows: Called following the Italian Architect Andrea Palladio, any palladian eye-port comprises of about three home windows by having an mid-foot ( arch ) over the middle screen also is usually bigger than the other a pair of. It is usually called the Serlian or perhaps the Venetian Windowpane.

Bow Windows: These are outright a new row involving house windows divided simply by vertical blogposts referred to as "mullions". They may be extra time of the combined widow and are utilised typically in spots where extra lighting effects along with air-flow is required and therefore are generally found at any height with a wall membrane. This kind of windows, in case set up near the limit are called "clerestory" glass windows. They create morning gentle heavy in to the inside of your home and enhance the sense of roominess. They are also an origin [url=http://princelion.info.pl]Prince Lion opinie[/url] associated with solar home heating whilst the space comfortable even in the actual long winter season times.

They're a number of the more established varieties of home windows. Other styles are the jalousie(louvered), the hopper (reverse towards the awnings), the particular place of worship, in france they etc. Which kind of window you utilize depends on your very own taste.

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